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Australia - the home of Koolies

Koolies have been part of our everyday live since 1987, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without them.

Our first encouter with a koolie was at a clearing sale of a friends property.  Everything was being sold, including cattle and the property on the day.  There were lots of people and before the farm was sold it was the turn of the cattle. This pretty blue merle dog worked tirelessly bringing up mobs of cows and working them through the sale ring in front of all these people without hestation.  She had a job to do and nothing was going to stop her.  After the cattle were sold someone offered a lot of money for the dog and was quite disappointed when told "this is the families dog, I'm not selling her".  A dog that worked like that and a family pet as well?? We had to know more.


When we showed so much interest our friend said that someone with a male koolie had been after him to breed her, he would agree and we would be able to have a pup.  So in due course our beloved Mindy arrived and stayed for 16 years.  And she was the start of this wonderful journey we are on with her family of six generations so far.  All of our puppies descend from Mindy.

The generations have worked along side us on our dairy farm where everyday included bringing in the cows twice a day, seeing that they behave themselves in the yard and head in the right direction into the shed.  Then making sure the cows cleared away from the shed and headed in the right direction toward their next paddock.  They also regularly worked the young stock which often includes feisty heifers that aren't happy about being told where to go.  Also Jersey bulls who are renowned as the cranky bulls who like nothing better than throwing down a challenge to the dogs.  They also had a smal beef herd to work on occassion.  So there was plenty of variety of work.  


We recently sold our milking cows after too many decades in the dairy industry, we now contract raise heifers for the dairy industry and run a beef herd.  We have extended our beef herd and will be purchasing a small flock of sheep so the dogs can keep their hands in and develop that wonderful instinct.

We have had many years of experience breeding, cattle, birds and the koolies.  Our Jersey cows were number 3 herd in Australia on genetic ratings the year we finished milking, after having reached number 1 in multiple years.                             


We are proud to be founding members of the Koolie Club of Australia and have both held committee positions. Ann has been registrar since it's inception in 2000.

Our dogs are family and very dear to us and it is special to have had so many generations born and spend their formative weeks in our laundry where we can keep an eagle eye on them, it has been a joy and everyone a little miracle.

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