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Welcome to Silhouette Jerseys, Koolies & Miniature Horses.  Jerseys are our business, koolies help us run our business and miniature horses are one of our pleasures. We hope this site becomes a place of interest for those people who have used bulls we have bred, as well as those who's koolie may have a Silhouette dog in their pedigree and hopefully you might become interested in a miniature horse as well.

This site will always be a work in progress as we hope to update information as families evolve.

If you have offspring of any of our animals or have purchased from us and would like to display a photo or information about it please forward all details to us and we would be pleased to add them to our gallery or webpage.

 If you have any questions or suggestions for the site please:   Email Us   

Richard & Ann Worboys

R.M.B. 7696, Echuca  Vic. 3564